Telephone Information, Washington DC

Telephone Information Washington DCIndividuals traveling to the United States on vacation should be knowledgeable about how the local telephone system works. For reference, the United States country code is 01, however, this does not need to be dialed when calling a domestic phone number from within the country.

Because the vast majority of Americans currently own a cell phone, payphones are no longer widely available in the country. Keep this in mind when traveling to the United States and purchase a cheap prepaid phone at the airport if necessary.

For calling purposes, the United States is divided into area codes. When attempting to call an individual who's located outside of your particular area, you'll need to dial the three digit area code first and then the seven digit phone number. This practice applies to cell phone numbers as well.

If you wish to call any country located outside of North America from the United States, you will need to dial 011, the two digit country code and then the ten digit phone number. While calls made within the United States are included in monthly phone plans, international calls are normally charged a per-minute rate.

411 is the main information phone number used by the majority of people in the United States. If you need a location's specific address or phone number, operators who work the 411 information line will be able to give you this type of information. When you call the information phone number, they will ask for the city and state where the business is located. From there, they will be able to give you a specific address and phone number for that business.

If you ever experience any type of emergency while traveling within the United States, call 911 from any telephone. This number is used for medical, police and fire emergencies.